How an idea went international

The traditional Balearic shoe was used by the Spanish/Swedish founder as a child spending summers in Ibiza. As an adult, she reimagined the shoe style she loved so much as a child into a high fashion flat in contemporary colourways and luxury materials. In 2010, Linda del Rio launched ‘del Rio’ in London. The following year, WWD declared del Rio “One of six hot emerging designers” turning the old shoe style into an essential classic summer shoe. Soon after Prada, Car Shoe and Loewe followed suit.

Today, del Rio’s high fashion flats are worn around the world and are stocked in leading boutiques and stores including Le Bon Marché, Matches Fashion, Harvey Nichols, Koibird, Finca Cortesin and Nathalie Schuterman. 

Style with a conscience: the secret to timeless style ♥


Artisan craftsmanship

Traditionally made with natural cowhide leather and tyre soles that were hand finished, del Rio’s artisan craftsmen continue to use methods that have been used for decades and passed down through generations.

Echoes of the original Balearic shoe are found throughout our flats. We use a combination of recycled rubber and leather or pure leather soles and handcraft every single pair. The natural surface of natural full grain leather beautifies with use and is the highest quality leather.

Handcrafts are fast disappearing but the artisan craftspeople still have stories to tell from the era when Spain was known for all things artisan-made.

They're handmade with love ♥ 



del Rio’s are a unique, modern interpretation: we use luxury materials in the season’s most fashionable colour palettes. There is a good chance that the material used in your shoes comes from overproduced fabrics from one of Europe’s leading design houses. We utilise as much of every skin and textile as possible and reuse remnants in our designs. At del Rio, we are committed to protecting and respecting the environment. We make a point of dealing with European tanneries and only with people we trust.

Our styles are handmade on a made to order basis so as not to accrue excess inventory or put undue stress on our environment. In addition, our shoes can be re-soled once their original soles have worn through, further extending their lifespan. We will deconstruct, resole and resew your shoes as part of our sustainability commitment. Please enquire for details.

Whether you opt for more traditional tones or trendsetting style, you’ll always feel the quality and comfort of your del Rio’s in every step. 

Committed to designing timeless footwear handmade with the utmost care for both planet and maker ♥



At del Rio, we understand how important the provenance of materials and traceability is to you because it is just as important to us. We know each of the artisan craftspeople at our Spanish atelier by name and really value their unique skills. They're like extended family. We also use materials such as crochet and raffia which have been lovingly created by talented local women living in the area surrounding the atelier. The passion and dedication that they have to their craft is inspiring and ensure that your del Rio's are always unique.

Our dedication to locally sourcing materials extends beyond the shoes themselves to our dustbags, shoe boxes and packaging which are all made locally in Spain. Our embossed shoe boxes can be reused and repurposed for trinkets or more practical items. 

Sustainability + equality ♥